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Asif Muzaffarr, CPA, MBA, MS [Taxation]

Technical Advisor
Asif Muzaffarr

William “Bill” Cappleman, EA, LTC

Retired IRS Agent

Cody Billiot

Case Manager
Our years of experience have given us the edge in delivering top notch services. We help people overcome delinquencies, garnishments, liens, levies and more. Rest assured we have mastered the ins and outs of the IRS. Our hands-on approach is thorough and focused. We are committed to helping you solve and manage all of your Federal and State tax problems.

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We are committed to delivering excellence and the highest standards in IRS, State, and Federal tax. All our professionals have undergone advanced level training and are well versed in taxation laws. If you join hands with us, you will receive trustworthy advice from any of our tax professionals.

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Our experts have multiple years of experience in the tax industry and aim to deliver top-notch services to every client. We have helped people like you get over issues like liens, levies, bankruptcy, and more. We have a thorough knowledge of the IRS and have supported most taxpayers to abide by the tax laws. Why wait? Get in touch with us to resolve your tax problems.


“I could cry.  Thank you so much!  I have carried around so much shame for this debt.  I cannot thank you enough.  Blessings to you!”

– Jocelyn U.

“Excellent work Cody!  I started this company in 2008.  Since then this is, I think, the first time I have received useful and understandable help with the government from an accountant.  You’re definitely the GOAT, son!”

-Jimi F.

“This is wonderful news!  Thank you so much for setting my mind at ease.”

– Kristen O.

“Thanks for all the hard work in helping us!!!  So much appreciation… you can never know.  I am so thankful ODR will be issuing the refund.  That was a big hit for our little business.  Thank you again!”

– Katrina L.

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